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PURPOSE  convert vegetable oils to biofuel

location  central upstate new york

PHONE  1.888.355.0208

FAX  1.888.322.5999


Welcome to GoVo Biofuels: 
Vegetable oil fuels that save you money today and save the planet for tomorrow!
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Proud Partner in:

Heating Fuels
GoVo Biofuels can design, install and deliver fuel for your customized green heating project. We handle boiler and furnace upgrades and replacements. Your installation will save you money and is a great compliment to solar panel systems and is a great compliment to solar panel systems.

Vehicle Fuels
GoVo designs solutions for your diesel fleet operations. Our straight vegetable oil fuels can suit a wide range of applications for off-road diesel engines. Your fuel costs will drop.

Generation and Combined Heat & Power Fuels
GoVo can provide vegetable based fuels to power your generator sets. Your power can be green power at a lower cost. 

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3 Solutions, 1 mission:

Save Green, Be Green

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